The Kuddle Kase is a pillow tote bag designed for people who travel with their pillow. This unique product is made from 100% nylon. The Kuddle Kase fits any standard/queen size pillow. The bag has a fully sewn side zipper and a double shoulder strap for easy use by all ages.

The dimensions of the bag measure 28 ½ inches in length by 19 inches in width. There is a front pocket with a Velcro closure which has many purposes such as holding a magazine, newspaper, book, glasses, Ipod, passport, and/or travel tickets. The front pocket measures 10 ½ inches in width and 11 ½ inches in length. The bags come in a variety of colors: Amethyst (bright purple), Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Pink, and Bordeaux (Ruby Red).

Did you know that The Carpenter Co., Sleep Better™ Survey found that 41% of Americans take their pillow when traveling on vacation (50% women; 31% men)? Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus notes, “sleeping away from home can be difficult, but a
high-quality pillow can make all the difference. If you’re not sure about the sleeping environment at your travel destination, an easy solution is to bring your own pillow with you.”

The Kuddle Kase is made from 100% nylon which is water repellent so you don’t have to worry about your favorite pillow getting wet. It makes traveling with your pillow so much easier because it has its own place during your travel needs. No more putting your pillow in a plastic bag or trying to stuff it in your suit case. By using the Kuddle Kase, it’s a discrete and stylish way to travel with a pillow. The Kuddle Kase is great for so many travel needs. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, your pillow stays clean and protected. The Kuddle Kase is great for sleepovers, vacations, camping trips, class trips, college students and senior citizens. It’s a product to be utilized and enjoyed by all ages.

The purchase price is $21.95 plus shipping and handling.

For an additional cost of $5.00 you can personalize it with a single embroidered initial.
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All sales are final on personalized bags.  Refunds will be given on returned non-personalized bags within 14 days of delivery.  Shipping will not be refunded on any returned merchandise.  Buyer is responsible for cost of shipping to seller.

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"I take my Kuddle Kase with me on YMCA camping trips with my dad and I love it. It stays clean and dry. I take it with me for sleepovers too." N.R.

"I bought the product because I used to throw my pillow in the back of my truck when I went on hunting and camping trips. This is a great product to protect your pillow." Tim S.

"I put my pillow in the Kuddle Kase for a extended school trip to a farm in Mass. It stayed clean and dry in the luggage section of the bus while everybody else’s pillows were just thrown underneath the bus loose."Robert R.

"We love the product! We no longer have to look for shopping bags to put our pillows in to protect them. We put our books and reading glasses in the pocket for easy access while traveling." –Betty and Richard M.

"My companion is my Kuddle Kase when I visit my sister in Virginia by train. There is nothing like having your own pillow and a good magazine/book during your commute. Everything has a place in the Kase. I even grabbed a sandwich and placed it in the pocket. What a great product!" –Beverly J.

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